Cortana Windows 10 tips

Cortana Windows 10 tips
         This year is going to be the year of Windows 10, which is unarguably one of the most awaited products around the globe. There’re several features in the upcoming Microsoft OS that make it cool. One of them is Windows 10 Cortana. Windows Phone users may already be aware of this digital personal assistant, which first came hand-in-hand with Windows Phone 8.1.
However, the digital P.A. has so far been absent from personal computers. Fortunately, the scene is gonna change with Windows 10 as Microsoft is finally making Cortana available for PC. In this article we’ll take a look at Windows 10 Cortana tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of the new digital P.A.

1. Enabling Cortana out of the United States
First of all a good news for those who live outside of the US. As you may know already, currently Cortana is available for USA based users only. But the fact is, you can use it even if you do not live in USA, as long as you’re willing to speak in US English. All you need to do is to set United States as your Home location and English (United States) as your preferred language.

Frankly, this is the Cortana’s first version for personal computers so you can’t expect too much from her. But still the functionality is good enough that you can command her to perform a variety of tasks and she’ll do them perfectly. Let’s check out what other Cortana tips and tricks Windows 10 has to offer.
2. Cortana can tell you About the Weather
Cortana knows weather forecast very well. Ask her the temperature of any place for any given day in your desired unit and she’ll tell you about it. Fahrenheit is the default unit for weather forecasting, but you can ask in Celsius or Kelvin too.

3. Cortana is a Math Whiz
Not literally. But yes, Cortana is really good at math. Ask her to calculate 10% of 20 divided by 2 and she’ll tell you correctly. Plus, she can also convert units in a perfect manner – tell her a temperature in °C and you can have the answer in Fahrenheit. Or tell her to convert 25 meters into feet and she’ll do that accurately. What’s more, she also knows exchange rates even – not only the exchange rates of original currencies, but also the rates of virtual currency like Bitcoin.
4. Cortana Knows About your Files
Not only about the files in your computer, but also about the files in your OneDrive. Just tell her what you’re looking for (i.e. find project report) and it’ll present a list of files that match your search for both your PC and your OneDrive. Sadly, it can’t open those files so you’ll have to do that hard work yourself until Microsoft teaches it some more manners of professional behavior!
5. Cortana Knows the Scores of your Favorite Sports Matches
If you’re a sports lover, you’ll love this feature. Cortana can tell you the scores of your favorite sports team. Just ask her how your team played. At present she supports NFL, NBL and some European Soccer Leagues only. Sadly, she can’t give you a list of results or tell about the schedule of the next match.
6. Cortana can Track your Flight
Next time when you’re about to fly or about to leave for Airport to pick someone up, don’t forget to ask Cortana about the status of flight before you leave. It’s simple, easy and convenient. However, for now she can’t pick up details about your flights automatically from your inbox. Let’s hope she can do this in future.
7. Cortana can Set Reminders
Finally, it can set reminders. But this feature seems to have some bugs because it worked only once when I tried. At all other times I got an apology. Let’s hope Microsoft fixes this thing soon.
So that’s it. You can do the above given seven things with Cortana, and if you don’t like her, you can simply tell her not to bug you again by navigating to Settings and turning her “off.” More features may be added in the future builds, but for now this is all you can do with her. Would you like to use it? If yes, what more you expect her to do? Send your thoughts in comments and let us know if you know any other Windows 10 Cortana tips and tricks.
    If you know something more interesting about cortana, please share it on comment box below.

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