How to get women into bed everytime

10 Women Confess The Things Guys Do That Gets Them Into Bed Every Time

1. Let me catch you staring at me.

“I’m such a sucker for that special moment when you catch a guy who wants to fuck your brains out later staring at you. Maybe I’m reading a menu intently or looking off into space as I wait for a guy to return from the bathroom at a restaurant and I eventually turn to see him standing dead still a few feet away, admiring me. It’s better if he doesn’t say a word. He could be thinking the sweetest or the most depraved thoughts in that moment—doesn’t matter. What matters is that he’s hungry for me, and that I’m clearly the key to satisfying his needs.”
— Antonia, 30

2. Compliment the way I move.


“Sex is about action—two ravenous, naked people rolling around together as harmoniously as possible, their bodies interlocking in one position and then mutating into another—so motion is important. I would so much rather a guy comment on the way I’m gesturing or moving than say something about how I look. Maybe he tells me he likes the way I gesticulate when I’m talking about something passionately. Or maybe I’m leaning over to pick up a fork that fell off the dinner table “accidentally” (I’ll bait a dude if I feel like it), and he tells me, simply, ‘That was sexy.’”
— Michelle, 26

3. Single out a random part of my body.


“To me, the only thing worse than a vague comment like ‘you look so pretty’ is a remark targeted at an obvious body part, like my eyes or legs. Those fall totally flat on me. It’s like they’re recited from some box office flop of a romantic comedy. But when a guy takes note of a totally random part of my body that he genuinely appreciates (e.g. ‘you have the most delicate wrists,’ or ‘I love the constellation of freckles on your neck’), I trust him automatically because I know he’s bothered to really look at me. That’s what gets me in hump mode.”
— Paige, 27

4. Tell me what you want to do to me—somewhere in public, where it’s impossible to execute whatever the fantasy is.


“I’m a big fan of pleasure delay. So what really triggers my inner sex maniac is when a guy starts describing the things he wants to do to me when we’re somewhere out in the open (at a concert, in a restaurant, or walking down a busy street) and doing whatever he imagines is virtually impossible—for the time being. I want to be teased to the point that I’m practically begging a man to bang me by the time we’re finally back at his place, all alone.”
— Jacky, 30

5. Make me laugh.


“Oysters, strawberries, chocolate, whatever. Laughter is without a doubt the best aphrodisiac. I want a man to make me crack up as often as possible. I don’t care how hard he has to try. He can spend an hour Googling decent jokes before seeing me if humor doesn’t come naturally to him. When a man does his best make me smile so hard it hurts, I automatically want to do my best to make him squeal in the sack.”
— Lydia, 34

6. Tell me I’m hot, but when I least expect it.


“I’m not ashamed to say that I need a guy to make me feel like I’m the sexiest woman walking the planet when we’re together. What I don’t want is for him to do it at a time that’s predictable and lame. Don’t look me up and down and say, ‘You look amazing tonight,’ the second we meet up. When flattery is unexpected, it’s way more effective. Eye me all you want at first sight, but save the compliments for when I least anticipate them.”
— Jasmine, 25

7. Get me just the right level of tipsy.


“When either person gets sloppy drunk on a date, especially in the early stages, it’s a complete turnoff. If a guy’s slurring his speech and inadvertently bumping into shit, there’s no chance in hell I’m inviting his penis into my vagina. But when both of us get just the right amount of tipsy so we can cast our inhibitions aside and have a little drunken fun free from insecurity in bed, it’s the best.”
— Ella, 31

8. Don’t tell me I’m driving you crazy—show me.


“We all know what happens when a guy gets aroused: His dick gets rock hard. What gets me going is seeing a guy’s package protrude through his pants when we’re out together. You can tell me I’m turning you on all you want but showing me is way more powerful. Just don’t be crude about it. There’s a fine line to walk between subtle sexiness and utter stupidity and immaturity when you’re dealing with a boner.”
— Clarissa, 34

9. Fall for me.


“I’m not prude like Tara Reid’s character in American Pie or anything. I don’t need to hear ‘I love you’ before taking my clothes off. But I do need some sense that you’re falling for me, and that there’s a shot that whatever’s brewing between us might just last. If things don’t work out, that’s fine. I get that we can’t be sure about how things will turn out. But I love hearing a guy hint at the fact that he sees things going somewhere. There’s no more powerful statement than ‘I think I’m falling for you.”
— Ava, 22

10. Empower me.


“What can I say, I’m a diehard feminist. I want to fuck my equal, so a man needs to make me feel like I’m his. I fully appreciate a guy who respects me—who tells me he’s impressed by my career objectives, and can sense that I’m an ambitious woman who can and will get what she wants out of life.”
— Alana, 28


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