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          You are trying to send a photo from your mobile to laptop or vice versa but you can't remember where the cable is. Sometime, your friend wants to share a video from his iPhone to your android phone and you want to see it right away. Or you want to send a large file to your college but the USB is nowhere. Even if you have it, the speed is really poor and it will takes you a ton of time to wait for it to finish. If you are in one of these situations, I will show you a magic tool that will help you do these jobs in a very simple way. You don't have to wait any longer, it's DUKTO - an open source, multi-platform, easy to use  file transfer tool designed for LAN use . 
 Dukto on Ubuntu

I have been using it for over 5 years now to transfer files from my Laptop (running various Linux distros) to my phone and other windows PCs. It's user interface is inspired from the Metro style UI developed by Microsoft and it is consistent across all supported platforms.
Dukto on Android
Dukto doesn't require any configuration: simply install it on the machines you want to transfer files from/to, launch the application and that's it. The application will automatically display all the computers in your local area network running Dukto and you can start transferring files. By default, the files you receive are saved in your home folder but you can change that from the Dukto settings.

File transfer by dukto

Besides being able to transfer files and folders on your LAN, Dukto also supports sending text snippets so for instance you can easily send a link from one computer to another in your LAN.
Dukto R6 features:
·    supports sending and receiving files or folders as well as text snippets on your LAN;
·    multi-platform;
·    multi-transfer support;
·    zero configuration;
·    clients auto-discovery;
·    transfers log;
·    shows your IP addresses on the IP connection page;
·    full Unicode support;
·    Windows 7 taskbar integration with progress and transfer indicator;
·    Metro style UI with configurable colors.

     One tiny thing you should notice is there isn't any security feature implemented by the application or by the communication protocol as Dukto has been developed for LAN use. Use it only in trusted networks. Anyway, currently there are no known issues about the protocol.
     To know more about Dukto, visit developer's website:
And this is the most important part: Link to download Dukto. 

Download the latest Dukto


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