Error 80240020 When Installing Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Error 80240020 When Installing Windows 10 Free Upgrade

        The scenario is you tried the force upgrade method for downloading Windows 10 free upgrade? It worked well for downloading, but once download was finished, you were dreaded with error 80240020 in Windows Update. Turns out, because of overloaded Microsoft servers or your internet connection is unstable, the installation files downloaded on your computer were either incomplete or corrupt. So don’t worry, I will show you how to fix this.

Step 1: Delete folder Windows.~BT
        Navigate to C:\$Windows.~BT folder (make sure Hidden items are checked) and try to delete as many files and folders as possible. 

           You will probably not be able to delete everything inside this folder due to permissions issue. Therefore, I introduce to you a simple way to solve this. You just have to download a file contains some registry keys and import it to your system by simply double click on this file ( Here is the download link- download-decompress and double click on InstallTakeOwnership.reg file- click yes). After that, you come back to C:/ and right click on Windows.~BT  folder, choose Take Ownership.

          Wait for a while for the Command Prompt complete its jobs and close automatically. Then, you can freely delete hold the folder without encounter any further issues. Ok, come back to our main problem.

Step 2: Delete files and folders on C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download 

          Now head to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and here delete everything inside this folder.
Step 3: Force Windows update again

          You are almost done. The jobs remaining is follow the force Windows 10 free upgrade guide here to re-download and install Windows 10 again. And this time, it should work. However, since Microsoft servers are overloaded these times, you may encounter 80240020 error again. If so, try the above steps again and keep trying until it works. Alternatively, if you are too tired to try to fix problems with windows update, you also can try other ways to install windows 10 were introduced here. Good luck!
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